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AlphaServer ES40 "12v Bulk Warn"

Jim Garza_4
Occasional Advisor

AlphaServer ES40 "12v Bulk Warn"

Our ES40 has display a "12 volt Bulk warning" message on the front of the operator display. The system is still operational.......
After looking up the message on the operators guide, it indicated that there was a + or - voltage threshold on the power supply. We had our local provider order a power supply for the system. Has anyone out there run into this before, if so what was your solution ????

Jim G.
Occasional Contributor

Re: AlphaServer ES40 "12v Bulk Warn"

Dear Jim

I had a similar problem in one of my ES40 server, so just swap the supply & check , if u get same message in that case u need to replace the system board. U can confirm this problem by following steps

(1) shutdown the system & go to SRM prompt

(2) give rmc command & give password, here
u will see that any one (+12 or -12V)
supply will not showing properly.
(3) If u don't get the proper voltage means
u have to replace the system board
Chintan Upadhyay
Archunan Muthiah
Honored Contributor

Re: AlphaServer ES40 "12v Bulk Warn"


Just follow the steps cintan suggested. But I suspect that your power supply gone, you may need to change the power supply.

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Jim Garza_4
Occasional Advisor

Re: AlphaServer ES40 "12v Bulk Warn"


Thanks for the reply on this issue. The out come on this was that we did have a bad system board. I did try the power supply at first, but when that did not resolve the issue I replaced the system board and the problem went away.

Thanks again
Jim Garza