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Apache Configuration on a 2-node Tru64 Cluster.


Apache Configuration on a 2-node Tru64 Cluster.


I have a question on how to configure a HTTP Server (Apache) on a Tru64 cluster. The requirement is,

We have a 2-node cluster. The HTTP Server will run on a single node only at any given point in time (NODE 1 to start with). If NODE 1 fails, the HTTP Server will 'failover' to NODE 2.

Users will use a brower like IE to access their application. What we want them to do is to use a single, common URL like We don't want them to use or Even in case of a failover the URL should remain the same (

We know that Tru64 has a cluster aliasing capability. But can i use the cluster IP/hostname in the httpd.conf file? In case the HTTP Server fails over to NODE 2 and i bring up the HTTP Server there, can i still access the application using the common URL?

The other alternative is to use a network device (a server load balancer) like Cisco Local Director or BigIP. We don't want to do this unless it is the only option left.

Could you please throw some light on this and confirm if the cluster alias IP is enough and can be configured in the httpd.conf file?

Thanks a lot in advance.

anand rao
Joris Denayer
Respected Contributor

Re: Apache Configuration on a 2-node Tru64 Cluster.


You find more info in the documentation.
See the Manual "Cluster Highly Available Applications "

Chapter #3 explains how to use the default cluster alias to access a Multi-Instance Apache HTTP Server


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Ralf Puchner
Honored Contributor

Re: Apache Configuration on a 2-node Tru64 Cluster.

I'm wondering that you have TruCluster and doesn't know anything about it ;-)

you can install apache as multi- (running on both members, accessable over one alias - but doesn't work with session handles because application must syncronize between the two instances) or singleinstance as described in your question. In this case use the caa features.

Have a look into the cluster documentation explaining all in detail and also have a look into /usr/cluster/var/caa/examples/Apache for the necessary Apache scripts.
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Re: Apache Configuration on a 2-node Tru64 Cluster.

Hi Joris,

Thank you very much for your pointers. It surely did help.

I am going to get my Sys Ad look at Ralf's response :)

Thanks again to both of you for the timely help.