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Approximate price details

Archunan Muthiah
Honored Contributor

Approximate price details


We have plan of setting up two node (ds10/tru64 V5.1B and ds10/V5.0) cluster using TruCluster V5.1B.

I would like to know the approximate ( or exact) price of the following parts...

1. TruCluster for two nodes license
2. Cluster interconnect.
It can be either Memory Channel or a
Network link
3. Common external shared storage.
This can be SCSI or FibreChannel (SAN)
4. An external shared Quorum disk for a two-
node cluster
5. Appropriate file system software (LSM
and/or AdvFS)

Thanks in advance

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Vladimir Fabecic
Honored Contributor

Re: Approximate price details

These are just approximate prices.
See this link:
What you need is:
1. QL-6BRAC-AA 3,000$ each (you need two)
2. CCMAB-BA - MC card 3,000$ each
3X-DEGXA-TR HP PCI-X Gigabit UTP Adapter 450$ each
For MC you also need cable BN39B-04 (300$)
3. Need more details about that. You can use MSA FC storage, EVA FC storage etc...
You can also use FC storages from other vensors.
4. It is a part of storage, just a disk or virtual disk
5. QL-0EGAE-AA HP AdvFS Tru64 UNIX Alpha E tier license - 2,500$ each
QL-2GVAE-AA HP LSM Tru64 UNIX Alpha E tier license - 2,500$ each

Note that you can buy used licenses from people who have migrated to IBM, linux etc
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