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Boot members using LSM mirrored local swap

Howard Arnold
Occasional Contributor

Boot members using LSM mirrored local swap

I have decided to use my local disks as swap for my boot members and I am using LSM to mirror the disks. My boot members root disk is on a EVA3000 and my swap is local keeping the traffic off the SAN. Everything went well, but my question is has anyone seen any issues with doing this. It is a four member cluster so keeping swap local on all machine could stop a lot of traffic off the SAN.

Thanks for any comments that you have on this.

Dave Bechtold
Respected Contributor

Re: Boot members using LSM mirrored local swap

Hi Howard,

First off, I would recommend having enough physical memory available to avoid paging/swapping to the swap space. Configure the system using Eager Swap Mode (default) and have enough swap space to back that amount of memory just in case. With that said, I would recommend using a local disk for swap, and using LSM mirrors helps reduce a Single Point Of Failure (SPOF). I'd even work to mirror them across controllers to make it more robust.

Hope that helps.

Dave Bechtold