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Boot problem

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Boot problem

Dear Friends

We are facing problem in Tru64 unix server 5.1B + MSA San storage 1000.
There are two member boot disk in SAN in cluster(RAID 0).
One of Disk fail,Even if we replace with new one,we can't unable to boot from it as well as we its doesn't take its original identifier number 102.
After replacing the disk we give command to add in cluster this disk clu_add_member -c /cluster/admin/.member2.cfg

Now we can boot >> boot 101(IDENTIFIER) only,not from >>boot 102
which files needs to boot from from newly added cluster member2 disk?
which file can copy directly /cluster/members/member1/ to /cluster/members/member2/ for booting from cluster boot disk 2?

How to make bootable this new disk with identifier number 102
Waiting for your response.

Valued Contributor

Re: Boot problem


Why you want to change the identifire number. You can change the boot set bootdef_dev parameter from the console problem.

I am also including the procedure to recover OS disk in cluster environment.


Re: Boot problem

//Add this to "OnDomLoad" event