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Cannot mount fileset

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Cannot mount fileset


When y try to mount filsets on my Member 2, i have the message bellow:
"Cannot mount fileset server only when existing domain is not."

Configuration details:

Hardware configuration: 2 AlphaServer ES45 and shared disks.

My first member (Alpha1) boot on dsk8 and my second member (Alpha2) boot on dsk10. When I want to boot the third memeber, I must shutdown
Alpha2, and I boot in dsk4 (Boot disk Member 3)

Y have 3 members in my Tru64 UNIX V5.1B cluster. For information, the member 3 is only a temporary member use for any cluster test functionality.
I have deleted the member 3 (Temporary member with vote=0). And I have added the same member
with new name, new IP, etc..

At the reboot of Member 3, I have somes message: Cannot creat directory ..
After shutdown member 3, I have rebooted my
memeber 2

since I have the message “Cannot mount fileset server only when existing domain is not." when I try to mount Shared volume on my member 2

I have verified domain, filesets, mount point, etc.., and there is no problème.

Because I am on the customer site, does-it possible to send me the answers at the folowing

Could you please help me

Thanks in advance
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Re: Cannot mount fileset

Dear Dominique,

I think the problem may be in following areas.
1. configuration of Member 3
2. the member 3 is not comunicating, lan with other members.

also you can do delete member 3, initialiaze dsk4, delete root domain from /etc/fdmns directory. Add the member again.
you can test by shuting down all the nodes and boot only member 3.

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Re: Cannot mount fileset


I have deleted and add member 3