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Clearcase on TruCluster ?

Daniel Kidger
Occasional Contributor

Clearcase on TruCluster ?

I have a customer who wants to install the Clearcase software version control software on a TruCluster system (AlphaserverSC at 5.1B PK3).
However this fails with warnings about clustered filesystems not being supported. They called Rational for support - but just got a 'TruCluster isn't supported answer' :-(

However I know that the 5.1B release notes do mention ClearCase.

So my question is simply - are there people about there using ClearCase under TruCluster ?
Michael Schulte zur Sur
Honored Contributor

Re: Clearcase on TruCluster ?


I couldn't find any reference to that. Where did you see it exactly?


Daniel Kidger
Occasional Contributor

Re: Clearcase on TruCluster ?

I have some better references in a HP document I have left at the customer site.
But here is one that Google found for me:
Tru64 UNIX and TruCluster Server Version 5.1B
Patch Summary and Release Notes for Patch Kit 4
on p 1-39
"Adds a lock to the initialization of a private client to avoid hung file system
threads when the MVFS ClearCase file system is in use."
Honored Contributor

Re: Clearcase on TruCluster ?


I have confirmed with Rational that Clearcase is not supported on Clustered environment. where as we have clearcase running on AIX and Linux (not clustered)
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