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Cluster Problem

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Cluster Problem

Hi, DBA here. We have Tru64 Clusters running our Oracle Apps and DB. We have had alot of perfromance issues of late, after tracing db sessions and applications till were blue in the face, a reboot seems to cure the problem, which then gradually comes back. We suspect it may be surround the cluster/comms of the apps server.
I suppose its a bit vague, but are there any cache/table/file surrounding clusterware that is cleared etc when a reboot takes place?

kind regards
jim owens_1
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Re: Cluster Problem

Everything is restarted on a boot so that will fix anything that degrades as a result of resources being consumed.

You said "performance issues of late" which implies you didn't have the problem before and now you do. Determine what changed.
Rob Leadbeater
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Re: Cluster Problem


What versions of Oracle are you using ?

I've seen similar problems with 10g RAC (release 1) on TruCluster, particularly when under load...


Vladimir Fabecic
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Re: Cluster Problem

There can be many reasons of performance issues. For example, I had problems with java processes.
First we need more informations.
Usually I do not reboot systems. I ty to find a reason of problem.
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