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Cluster member boot problem

Gabor Kanizsai
Occasional Visitor

Cluster member boot problem


we have a four node T64 5.1B cluster one of them is a GS60E. (Stotage is EVA300.)

Sometimes when we boot the the GS60E boot failed with following message: "Waiting for boot disk to become registered". This message repeated continually. It seems that the machine is waiting for sg.
When GS60E turned on/off 2-4 times the boot is succesfull.

Any idea?

Gabor Kanizsai
Ajay Agarwal
Frequent Advisor

Re: Cluster member boot problem

Han Pilmeyer
Esteemed Contributor

Re: Cluster member boot problem

This is a hardware error. It's really difficult to troubleshoot, especially when the problem is intermittent. It can be anywhere in the I/O path. So the easiest is probably to test with one of the Fibre cables disconnected. If it still fails try the other cable. Also make sure that the firmware on the fibre channel adapters is up to date.

I had this problem myself for a long time on one of my test systems. I had to have the motherboard swapped in the end. But I doubt that would be the problem on a GS60E.