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Cluster one node CPU is high

Occasional Contributor

Cluster one node CPU is high

Hi All,

We have four node cluster and on one node, I see Kernel and icsserver is always using CPU resources. Below is the output for reference.

root 1048576 45.0 4.8 5.08G 196M ?? R < Dec 24 24-08:22:50 [kernel idle]
root 1391285 11.2 0.0 0K 0K ?? R 13:54:27 0:02.58 [icssvr_daemon_fr]
root 1322758 10.2 0.0 0K 0K ?? R 13:54:27 0:02.50 [icssvr_daemon_fr]
root 1323865 10.2 0.2 9.81M 7.2M ?? R 13:55:09 0:00.33 ps -ef
root 1337980 9.3 0.0 0K 0K ?? U 13:54:27 0:01.34 [icssvr_daemon_fr]
root 1300364 9.2 0.0 0K 0K ?? U 13:54:27 0:01.41 [icssvr_daemon_fr]
root 1318484 7.8 0.0 0K 0K ?? U 13:54:27 0:02.67 [icssvr_daemon_fr]
root 1226879 6.3 0.0 0K 0K ?? U 13:54:27 0:00.80 [icssvr_daemon_fr]
root 1130067 4.2 0.0 0K 0K ?? U 13:54:27 0:02.47 [icssvr_daemon_fr]

For rest of the node icssrv is not consuming any resource but Kernel is always taking CPU.

Can I know :-

1. Why Kernel is always taking CPU
2. Why Icssrv is taking cpu on one node.
3. what can be done to free up.

thanks & regards

John Manger
Valued Contributor

Re: Cluster one node CPU is high

From your highlighting of icssvr_Daemon, I'll guess that those kernel threads are active ? This is probably 'normal' behaviour in a TruCluster.

In a TruCluster, one cluster member acts as 'server' for each CFS filesystem (different members may 'serve' different CFS filesystems). Serving places a load on the member(s) that act as CFS server(s), especially if they do ALL the filesystems or all the active filesystems. The CFS server is often the member that booted 1st (the cluster founding member).

You can show which member is serving which filesystems using cfsmgr.

If you feel the server in question is overloaded, you may consider relocating some of the CFS server work to another member or members. Also, if possible, ensure that the application(s) doing most of the work run on the same member(s) as the CFS server for their data (unless you applications are fully distributed across members).
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