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DR with GS80 & EMA12000

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DR with GS80 & EMA12000

we are having 2 node Alpha GS80 Tru cluster 5.1A with EMA12000. Management wanted to impliment the DR site for this setup.
Our plan is to move this GS80 & storage to DR site & buy new Hardware for production system.
what will be the Best configuration & best approach for DR implimentation wit least Budget?
Thanks in advance.
Johan Brusche
Honored Contributor

Re: DR with GS80 & EMA12000

There is no such thing as "free lunch".
Disaster recovery must be carefully planned and tested. We (HP) provide consulting services to assist you with DR.

eg: mirroring between sites with LSM is NOT a disaster-safe solution.

DRM replication between sites can be part of the solution, but limits you in number of possible logical storage units...

On which site would you configure the quorum disk and what-if that site fails...?