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Device Numbering/Naming and TruCluster

Simon Attwell_1
Occasional Contributor

Device Numbering/Naming and TruCluster

We are moving some hardware around...

We have two ES40's a Model 1 and a Model 2.
The Model 1 was a 4 way 500Mhz EV67. It was configured in a cluster using a DEGPA-TA as the cluster interconnect (known to tru64 as alt2). We moved the CPUs Memory and SAN card into the Model 2 chassis with another DEGPA-TA installed.

Cant boot the system now.

If you boot -fl s -fi genvmunix the system
will get through device detection and number the DEGPA as alt3 so the CNX MGR frieks because the ics0 interface (alt2) is unavailable and panics the OS.

How can you force a device renumber from SROM ? At least that way I can get the box up
single user and figure out what needs to be where.
Graham Cameron_1
Honored Contributor

Re: Device Numbering/Naming and TruCluster

You have posted this to HP-UX.
It looks very specific to DEC (as was), I think you need to post to Tru-64.
Start here
-- Graham
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Syed Naseer_1
Occasional Advisor

Re: Device Numbering/Naming and TruCluster

I assume you system is V5.1B.

You can try the following sequence:
1) boot from CD, and start a shell.
2) mount the member's root disk at /mnt
3) cd /mnt/etc
4) vi sysconfigtab, and change ics_tcp_adapter0 value to alt3.
5) shutdown and reboot

Hope this helps.

Ralf Puchner
Honored Contributor

Re: Device Numbering/Naming and TruCluster

this thread was discussed in another posting of you. Please have a look for the solution to the other thread.
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