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Disaster recovery/Archiving solutions for Tru64

Paul Clayton
Frequent Advisor

Disaster recovery/Archiving solutions for Tru64


We have implemented process and applications for ensuring that we have DR images of all our Unix servers. For HP we use ignite, and for Solaris Jumpstart and flash archive, and for Linux the Kick start utility with additonal archived images of the OS( special workaround). All the archives are located on a special machine that houses a large dedicated disc area for holding configuration and archive images.
The above works well, and recovers systems nicely. My next avenue, is Tru64 4 and 5. Not sure what tools to use here. Any ideas?
Peter Leddy_1
Esteemed Contributor

Re: Disaster recovery/Archiving solutions for Tru64

Hi Paul,

Have a look at the "Administering the Archiving Services" chapter in the System Administration manuals for each version. It's chapter 9 for 5.x and 11 for 4.x.

Specifically at btcreate and vdump, however there's no real equivalent to the likes of Ignite for HP-UX.

Here's the link to the documentation website -


Ivan Ferreira
Honored Contributor

Re: Disaster recovery/Archiving solutions for Tru64

vdump is a good choice to backup the operating system. You can also use btcreate.
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Stiwi Wondrusch
Trusted Contributor

Re: Disaster recovery/Archiving solutions for Tru64

Hi Paul

The difference between the other OS and Tru64 is that with Tru64 its realy easy to recover the System from (vdump or any other) Backup.
This is not true if you have a TruCluster.

rgds Stiwi
Frequent Advisor

Re: Disaster recovery/Archiving solutions for Tru64


In Tru64 stand alone servers if you have the vdump of system files like /, /usr & /var and your bootable CD you can launch the shell from the installation media restore the vdump image from the tape provided you have the tape drive locally connected to the system. You can also use sysman utility to create a bootable tape using btcreate just only for the RAM FS (kernel alone) or the OS image file system, the way we do make_tape_recovery in HP-UX, the catch in this is if you use LSM for OS mirroring you need to break the mirror before you create the bootable tape archive.

If you use tru cluster the archive mechanism is bit tricky, since you have the CNX partition in boot disk the simple vdump is not going to help us directly with out a cluster reinstallation. You may contact local HP for a tool (Its a simple perl script and predominantly used for storage migration - may be chargable!) which makes tru cluster system admins life more easy, If you have free space in your storage box allocate and create the required partitions and using the tool create a trucluster image in different location in the storage box. If any issues with the current OS image reboot your cluster members by pointing the boot partitions WWID to the image location from your SRM prompt and start your cluster. Once your cluster is up you may need to tweak the /etc/fdmns for pointing the domains in the new image too.