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I configutred a three disks as raid5 on hsg80 v8.7f,(one unit)
then from unix side I partition the disk to three
one partition is correpted,
I serach for solution no result,
please advise.
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Re: HSG80

Well, partitioning a raid-5 at the Tru64 should work fine. Something 'special' must have happened.

Please explain what you mean by corrupted.
What messages / events?

You probably want to provide some other info also for example disklabe -r for the disk, maybe: hwmgr -show scsi -full -id ...
tail /var/adm/messages ? ls -l /dev/fdmns/* ?

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Re: HSG80

hi hien,
many thanks for fast reply,
I prepare solution for this case,
I mean when this problem occured what shuld I do,
the raid5 contains very very important data,
thanks again.
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Re: HSG80

If you cannot access to your file system, you can try using the "salvage" utility to recover the data.

You can use also the /sbin/advfs/verify and fixfdmn command to try to fix file system errors.
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Re: HSG80

Oh.. I just noticed...

>> I configutred a three disks as raid5

That is just soooo silly.

3-disk raid-5 gives you lousy data space (2 out of 3) and horrible perfomance.

Just go raid 0+1 for 1 1/2 out of 3 space, great read rates and modest write overhead!

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Re: HSG80

Dear All,
I plan to put solution in case of one partition
is dameged,
what I shell do in this case,
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Re: HSG80

Are you trying to solve a problem before it exists?

Like an action plan 'if this happens, then do that'?

Good luck with that!

btw.. instead of partitioning, please consider using LSM to split up the device.
I find it much more flexible, gives access to tools (trace, display), and is more like HPUX does it.

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