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Hardware upgrade of a trucluster member

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Hardware upgrade of a trucluster member


We want to upgrade the hardware of a clustermember from AS4100 to ES40 in a 2-member Memory Channel TruCluster V5.1 environment.

What is the best way to accomplish this?

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Re: Hardware upgrade of a trucluster member

Do you have the hardware capability to add a third node? (MC-hub, Fibreswitch ports,..)
If so, I would add the ES40 as a 3rd member, test it, remove the AS4100. Probably no go huh?

Are you using anything local to the AS4100?
Local drives, special adapters?
How 'close' are systems in configuration?
Same (KZPSA?) storage adapters?
Same (DE500?) network cards?

With no special experience in this space, and if I could not add it as a third node, then I'd try to make it take the other place.
Shutdown the 4100 member (not remove), move the MC cable (and adapter) over to the ES40, boot genvmunix, doconfig -c XXXX, move new kernel into place, tweak files like /etc/fstab (for disk names)and /etc/rc.config (for adapter names) and then boot as full cluster member

If that fails I would start to read the man pages and documentation. If after retrying based on that it still fails I woudl re-reply here with more details on a) adapters b) shared storage c) network d) exact versions e) exact error messages.

But I'm just hacking around with clusters in test labs. I suppose that a serious production system manager would man page adn read docu first :-).

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Re: Hardware upgrade of a trucluster member

Sorry, forgot to mention that there is no local storage, everything is on a SAN via a kgpsa controller.
The 2 alphas are connected via a MCCable so it is not possible to add a 3th node.
The new ES40 will be very simular to the old AS4100, because every adapter will be put into the new ES40. So only the processors,memory and the iobuses will be different.
So i presume trying to trade places would be the best scenario...
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Re: Hardware upgrade of a trucluster member

Actually the easiest way is to remove the node you want to replace in the cluster (using clu_delete_member) and then add back a fresh cluster member node (using clu_add_member). Then change the hardware and boot the new node in the cluster (using the instructions given by clu_add_member). You'll have to add back in the member specific changes (such as the /etc/sysconfigtab) for the member.

What Hein said will work too... in some cases. If the hardware is different it's always a gamble whether this will work. Given sufficient hacking you can get it to work eventually, but the procedure I mentioned above will always work.
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Re: Hardware upgrade of a trucluster member

Are there other specific files apart from /etc/sysconfigtab that should be reviewed for member specific changes after the clu_add_member?
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Re: Hardware upgrade of a trucluster member

Typically it's just /etc/sysconfigtab changes that you need to worry about. And specifically only those that the system administrator added manually to sysconfigtab (not any of the system provided settings). Since you're changing hardware you might want make adjustments there anyway.

However theoretically there could be more files that you want to save. You would have to check all of the member specific areas, i.e. /cluster/members/memberX, /usr/cluster/members/memberX and /var/cluster/members/memberX. In additional all those member specific areas that you created yourself (e.g. using mkcdsl).

Since you have to ask the question, my guess would be that it is just /etc/sysconfigtab.
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