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Identifying CDSL's in CDE

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baji rao
Occasional Contributor

Identifying CDSL's in CDE

Iam planning to install CDE in a Trucluster
I want to identify which are the CDSL's in CDE
and create them.
How can I identify the CDSL's pertaining to CDE
Is there any supporting documents for the same?
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Dave Bechtold
Respected Contributor

Re: Identifying CDSL's in CDE


To answer your questions.

> How can I identify the CDSL's pertaining to CDE?

I'm only aware of the /usr/var/dt directory as being a CDSL that is installed as part of the CDE (Common Desktop Environment) subsets.

I suppose you could grep through the subset inventory files looking for {memb} as shown below.

# grep {memb} OSF*CDE*.inv

There are other subsets needed to support CDE - X11/MIT subsets for graphics controllers as an example that may have CDSL's also.

The hier(5) man page provides a command to identify all CDSLs on a system.

The only one I could think of would be /usr/var/dt where the logs and system specific config files are stored.

I'm not sure why you need to create them.

To verify CDSL's on a system use cdslinvchk(8).

Hope this helps.

Dave Bechtold

Phillip Brown
Frequent Advisor

Re: Identifying CDSL's in CDE

Like Dave said, the only CDSL in the CDE subset is the /usr/var/dt directory, and that will be created for you when you install the minimum CDE subset.

You don't have to create any CDSLs that are required for system subsets that aren't third-party. We do that for you.

Just to let you see this, I've got all the CDE subsets installed on my system and I get this one response (/usr/var/dt) when I:

# grep dt /usr/.smdb./*inv | grep '{memb}'
# grep '{memb}' /usr/.smdb./*CDE*inv


baji rao
Occasional Contributor

Re: Identifying CDSL's in CDE

Does that mean none of the config files
in /usr/dt/config/* need to be CDSL?

What about CDE resource files.

what about /etc/rc.config.d/ files ,
like /etc/rc.config.d/desktop and
/etc/rc.config.d/xfs files ?


Knowledge grows with sharing
peter wolfe
Respected Contributor

Re: Identifying CDSL's in CDE

>Does that mean none of the config files
>in /usr/dt/config/* need to be CDSL?

Some (but not all) of the files are CDSLs. For example,
/usr/dt/config/Xconfig is a softlink to /usr/var/dt/Xconfig
and Xservers is a softlink to /usr/var/dt/Xservers
but /usr/var/dt is a directory CDSL. Other directories/files
in /usr/dt/config are not CDSL's (e.g. xfonts) so they
are shared cluster-wide.

>What about CDE resource files.
/usr/dt/appconfig is not a CDSL so they resources are shared cluster-wide.
/var/dr/appconfig is a CDSL though.

>what about /etc/rc.config.d/ files , like /etc/rc.config.d/desktop and
>/etc/rc.config.d/xfs files ?

On Tru64, the equivalent is /etc/rc.config and /etc/rc.config.common.
rc.config is a CDSL and rc.config.common is not. rc.config sources
in rc.config.common so it's possible to have member-specific local
overrides (e.g. custom per-member NFS configurations that differ
from the cluster-wide ones).