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Increasing the size of a swap volume

Jerry Laramee
Occasional Advisor

Increasing the size of a swap volume

In a Tru64 cluster I need to upgrade the mirrored cluster root disk to a larger disk size (36GB -> 72GB). Since ADVfs is being used I can create mirrored temp volumes for /, /usr, and /var on alternate disks; add those volumes to each of the respective file domains; remove the old volumes from the file domains and this will relocate each of the cluster-wide volumes on to temp disks. the problem is what to do about the LSM swap volumes.
The plan is to do this live with no down-time. After all volumes have been transfered to the alternate disks I can then remove the old disks, insert the 72GB disks, recreate the larger volumes, add to the filedomains and remove the smaller temp-volumes.
Is there a way to disable the swap space and have the OS use the temp swap space setup on the temp disks?
Abdul Rahiman
Esteemed Contributor

Re: Increasing the size of a swap volume

I am afraid you can't disable/stop paging from a running Tru64 system. Don't know if the gurus would have a magical solution though .. Following from the man pages of swapon command.

There is no way to stop paging and swapping on a partition. It is therefore not possible to use swap devices that can be dismounted during system operation.

Swap space is also used during a system crash dump. In planning your swap space allocation you should also consider your crash dump requirements. See the System Administration for information on crash dumps.


If you can afford a reboot, configuring the swapdevice= parameter o the /etc/sysconfigtab's vm" stanza would help move the swap device to the temporary disk.

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Re: Increasing the size of a swap volume


No you can't disable the swap in any OS, if did so then for every operation you do, system will throw errors(like swap space not allocated).
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