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Installing patch kit 6 on tru64 5.1a.

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S Bhat
Occasional Contributor

Installing patch kit 6 on tru64 5.1a.

Hello All,

Our tru64 cluster (2 Node, 5.1A ) is crashing once in 2 month.
Now we are planning to install patch kit 6 on each member.

Patches installed on the system came from following patch kits:

- T64V51AB03AS0003-20020827 OSF520
- T64V51AB03AS0003-20020827 TCR520
- T64V51AB21AS0004-20030206 OSF520
- T64V51AB21AS0004-20030206 TCR520
the server contains only patches till patch kit 4.

My question is Do I really have to install patch kit 5 before installing patch kit 6?

Thanks in advance.
Ivan Ferreira
Honored Contributor

Re: Installing patch kit 6 on tru64 5.1a.

You don't need to install pk5 before pk6. All patch kits are cumulative and includes all the patches that where in previous versions. What you should run is a patch baseline before patchking the system to identify possible conflicts. All is done by dupatch. See the documentation included with the tar package.
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Andrea Nenni
Occasional Advisor

Re: Installing patch kit 6 on tru64 5.1a.

Give also a look to all the single patches released after PK6, which is now very old and has a lot of important corrections.