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KGPSA-CA Fibre channel HBA's

Amanda Deer
Frequent Advisor

KGPSA-CA Fibre channel HBA's

I have a 2 node cluster (GS140's) running Tru64 V5.1a.

I have 2 FC HBA's installed in each node. If I type in the wwidmgr-show adapter command it comes back saying that one of the links is down. Is there anyway you can bring the link up? If I pull/plug the cables out the back of the adapter the link comes back up.

P00>>>wwidmgr -show adapter
polling for units on kgpsa0, slot 6, bus 0, hose1...
kgpsaa0. PGA0 WWN 2000-0000-c938-1288
polling for units on kgpsa1, slot 6, bus 0, hose3...
kgpsab0. PGB0 WWN 2000-0000-c926-75e0
item adapter WWN Cur. Topo Next Topo
[ 0] kgpsaa0. 2000-0000-c938-1288 FABRIC FABRIC
[ 1] kgpsab0. 2000-0000-c926-75e0 FABRIC FABRIC
[9999] All of the above.
P00>>>kgpsaa0. Link is down.
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Re: KGPSA-CA Fibre channel HBA's

Do you mean to say you are unable to see all the paths to the configured disks on your Tru64 node?
#hwmgr -scan scsi
#hwmgr -view devices

You should be able to see all the paths if the connections are proper.

Amanda Deer
Frequent Advisor

Re: KGPSA-CA Fibre channel HBA's

hwmgr -scan scsi doesn't find the device.

The output from emxmgr show's that the link is down.

emx0 state information:
Link : connection is DOWN
Link is SCSI bus 11 (e.g. scsi11)
SCSI target id -1
portname is 1000-0000-C938-1288
nodename is 2000-0000-C938-1288
There are no connected N_Ports in the topology
Ivan Ferreira
Honored Contributor

Re: KGPSA-CA Fibre channel HBA's

If you swap/interchange the cables between the adapters, the problem remains on the same adapter, or is transferred to the other adapter?.

You can use this to see if there is a problem with the switch port or cable.

If you connect to the switch and run the switchshow command, or similar to display the status of the ports, what is the status that you have?

What is the status of the connection at the storage?
Por que hacerlo dificil si es posible hacerlo facil? - Why do it the hard way, when you can do it the easy way?
Devesh Pant_1
Esteemed Contributor

Re: KGPSA-CA Fibre channel HBA's

I agree with Ivan that swapping the cables will help you isolating whether it is the HBA or if it is the cables. If moving the cables to the other HBA makes the other HBA link down, then I would suggest replacing the cables/connector. Or you may want to check the switch port at the other end of the cables.

Han Pilmeyer
Esteemed Contributor

Re: KGPSA-CA Fibre channel HBA's

Also make sure that the firmware on the adapters is up to date. You can upgrade the firmware using the AlphaServer firmware CD.

A good first step is to check whether the adapter is logged into the port on the switch side. It sounds like it isn't. Disabling and re-enabling the port sometimes revives the adapter, but there is a firmware problem in the older firmware where that doesn't help. In that case the port will show as "G-port" (assuming you have B-series switches).

Other possibilities are:
- Broken FC HBA
- Broken cable (or incorrectly connected)
- Broken GBIC
- Broken switch port