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Nodes in TruCluster.


Nodes in TruCluster.

Hello to all.

Who is known how are determine nodes in TruCluster? What it depends on? And at what process when log consist
dlm: configured
My nodes recognizes as primary all the time and I don't know why. Could anybody help me resolve it?

Thank you.

Re: Nodes in TruCluster.

Also I can say that am uning TruCluster 1.6 forcely. I had read description in docs, but there is nothing to clearly written this node will be booted as primary, and the next as second. I have one module in PCI as mchan0. Please don't mix up I meant amongst module and node. I want that somebody help me in what the problem recognize a secuence of determination nodes in a cluster.
Pieter 't Hart
Honored Contributor

Re: Nodes in TruCluster.

the primary MC adapter is determined by jumpers on the MC adapter.
when MC is connected to a MC-hub all adapters are jumpered as primary.
when connecting only two MC-adaptes without hub, on is jumpered primary and the other secondary/slave.
this has only influence on timing/control on the MC-bus.

afaik this has nothing to do with "primary node in the cluster".
that would rather be assigned to the first node created in the cluster, or the node that runs the cluster lock manager.

Does this answer the question?