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Oracle Install

Michael J. Murphy NIST
Occasional Contributor

Oracle Install

I have the latest aggregate patch on 5.1B and I have also installed Java 14.2

According to the RDA I am missing packages OSFLIB540 and OSFPMGR540... I have a call in to the bureau that lent us this machine to see if they can send me the 5.1B CD...

Can this also be downloaded?

When I try to run the Oracle installer it comes back with the error:
Could not allocate heap of size 1024.0 MB

Has anyone seen this error before?

Can this be attributed to the missing packages? I have a SR open with Oracle as well but one of the problems is that this machine is not on the network so I cannot transfer files to my PC to upload.

According to what I have provided Oracle; there is adequate storage etc. on the box...

I had no trouble with a test install of

Rob Leadbeater
Honored Contributor

Re: Oracle Install

Hi Michael,

I've not had opportunity to test 10.2 yet, however one thing might be relevant...

As per your previous post, you've just installed Patch Kit 6, however this came out a little after 10.2 if I remember correctly.

I somehow doubt that Oracle have certified 10.2 on 5.1B PK6 yet...


Michael J. Murphy NIST
Occasional Contributor

Re: Oracle Install


Thanks... I have updated my SR with Oracle to see if it is...

Rob Leadbeater
Honored Contributor

Re: Oracle Install


Another thought... How much RAM do you have in your test box ?

According to Metalink note 169706.1, the minimum RAM has gone up from 512MB in 9.2 and 10.1 to 1024MB in 10.2.

That sort of fits with the error message you're getting...



Hein van den Heuvel
Honored Contributor

Re: Oracle Install

The minimum (recommended?) Ram may have gone up, but certainly Oracle should be able to run in (much!) less and has no business checking. This is a virtual memory machine after all.

What it can insist on, and did check is the allowed virtual memory range.

>>> When I try to run the Oracle installer it comes back with the error:
>>> Could not allocate heap of size 1024.0 MB

To me that suggests the you did not align the the SYSCONFIGTAB param with the minimum Oracle requested.

The specific error is probably for
proc: max_per_proc_address_space
proc: max_per_proc_data_space

be sure to check them all!
Use chapter:
"Configure Kernel Subsystem Attributes"
"Oracle® Database Installation Guide
10g Release 2 (10.2) for hp Tru64 UNIX

or jump directly to:

Good luck,

Michael J. Murphy NIST
Occasional Contributor

Re: Oracle Install

Thanks for the replies....I was out for last 2 days...

Anyway the vmstat -P | grep "Total Physical Memory" returns 1024.00 M

And I have gone over the memory with Oracle Support and they say it is OK...

As to sysconfigtab; mine are set at the minimun or greater of what is required

And as to SP6 for 5.1B -- Oracle says that it should be OK to use...

I believe I mentioned that I was missing 2 packages and the bureau that provided this machine says it does not have the disk for 5.1B and all they provided was I will try the contact phone number I was provided about that....

Thanks again...
Occasional Visitor

Re: Oracle Install

hi Michael, would you please tell me the reason of the error ,or how you resolved at last,I get the same error.

thank you~!
Rob Leadbeater
Honored Contributor

Re: Oracle Install


Could you possibly open your own new thread...


Nick Bishop (Kiwi)
Frequent Advisor

Re: Oracle Install

I have installed Oracle 10.2.0.x (and patched up to on a system running PK6 (as in 5.1B-4).

Admittedly, my ES40 has 4GB RAM, but there's some things we'd all be interested in.

1) The Oracle install manual contains steps to change certain kernel (sysconfig) parameters. Which specific ones did you change, and what are their current values?

2) The amount of swap (eager or lazy?) you have.

3) Download and run the latest sys_check utility (currently version 145.0), and look at any tuning recommendations (let us know what recommendations come out, and let us know if you act on any of them).

4) Have you shut down your database?

Suggest the following commands, attach their output:
1. swapon -s
2. sysconfig -q vm | grep new
(probably no output - want to make sure)
3. sysconfig -q vm vm_swap_eager

For each subsystem mentioned by Oracle ...
4. sysconfig -q $SUBSYS $ATTR $ATTR2...

>> this machine is not on the network so
>> I cannot transfer files to my PC to
>> upload.

man mtools ... if the machine has a floppy disk drive. That way, you can change the world, 1.44M at a time :-)

Nick Bishop (Kiwi)
Frequent Advisor

Re: Oracle Install

I'll use this post to explain a few things about my experience installing Oracle 10.2 on Tru64 5.1B-4 (ES40 with 4.0GB RAM).

1. There is no "new_wire_method" in the vm subsystem (of sysconfig), despite what Oracle says. That's why I'm asking "sysconfig vm | grep new" to check the same situation from your machine.

2. I found I had to further increase the value of proc: per_proc_data_size, Oracle recommended 335544320, but I went to 671088640. Otherwise I had error messages compiling (i)oracle: out of memory

3. I also had to fiddle with other proc: subsystem values: open_max_soft = 65536, open_max_hard = 65536, max_proc_per_user = 16384, and max_threads_per_user = 32768. Or if your shell lets you ... ulimit -n 65536 and ulimit -p 16384. Have a look at

4. I would suggest using chfset -o nofrag on each fileset containing the Oracle datafiles (hopefully you haven't mixed in other general stuff in the same filesets). Improves performance at the cost of disk space, but wastage is 0% if all files are a multiple of 8K.

5. While not directly relevant to Oracle, I found altering these improved local TCP performance
inet: tcpnodelack=1
ipc: msg_max=32768 (an increase)

6. I did most of the donkey work on the directly-attached graphics terminal. In theory it could work if you ssh -X into the machine, but sometimes it can be finickity, and I got paranoid when I saw various display problems (fields partly obscured, etc). However, local working didn't improve things visually 8-( but it is faster/more responsive. Trade-off is working locally makes it hard to get a screenshot.

One more thing ... the latest aggregate patch is actually pk7 (as in 5.1B-5). You should be specific which version of Tru64 you're running. Best to provide the output from
# dupatch -track -type patch_level