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Problem Booting TruCluster 5.1

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Problem Booting TruCluster 5.1


I have two ES40 running TruCluster 5.1 without any problem.
BUT The Customer disconnect the second node and
now the cluster should form from one node
the MC disconnected from other side
BUT when start the node system stop on this message
CNX QDISK: Adding 1 quorum disk vote toward formation

I try to boot :
>>> b -fl ia

BUT still issue the results

Please Advice

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Re: Problem Booting TruCluster 5.1

Hi nabil,

In order for one node to boot and form a cluster you need a quorum disk so what you did won't work. Set cluster_qdisk_votes back to 1.

I think your problem is the MC since you mentioned it was disconnected from the other side. I'm no hardware expert but it sounds like it isn't terminated properly. At the console that you're trying to boot run the MC diagnostic utilities mc_diag and mc_cable. If they fail then you know it's a MC problem.

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Re: Problem Booting TruCluster 5.1

I try to boot without the second node
BUT it didnt work
So I just plug an old node just to connect the MC


//Add this to "OnDomLoad" event