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Problem with Tru cluster 5.1B

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Problem with Tru cluster 5.1B

Hi All,
I built (for the first time)a tru cluster with two alphaserver 4100 series.It was running properly. The problemm started when I shifted the cluseter to new location. Now the ip address, subnet & gateway changes.
How to configure the network in both the nodes and make them up.
I tried booting the first node (with out configuring n/w) it came up with out any problem. But while booting the second node,I got the follwing message..

"CNX MGR: cannot form: quorum disk is in use. Unable to establish contact with members using disk."

Please help me out...


Ivan Ferreira
Honored Contributor

Re: Problem with Tru cluster 5.1B

That message occurs when the cluster nodes can't communicate between them via the cluster inteconnect. One takes the quorum disk and the other, as cannot contact the first member, cannot use the same quorum disk. This is to avoid "split brain" situations.

This normally occurs when lan interconnect is used. If you are using lan interconnect, ensure that the network interfaces used for the cluster interconnect are correctly configured, the ports in the switch, the speed and duplex, and you did not make any changes to the ip address of these interfaces.

For more information, see the attached file.
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