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SCSI and a small TRUcluster

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SCSI and a small TRUcluster

I am attempting to join two DS20E and form a TRUcluster (V5.1b-3).

My problem is with SCSI. I intended to use a KZPEA in each and connect each port to a set of disks (we have 2 sets in a 4354R enclosure).
Thus each KZPEA will have a SCSI channel connecting to a set of disks and “daisy chaining” to the equivalent port of the other system’s KZPEA. The SCSI channel will therefore terminate at one system and the other end at the disk enclosure. I have documentation showing how this is done but we are having trouble getting cables quickly enough.

Can anyone please confirm that this can be done with a pair of KZPBA in each DS20E instead? I cannot find documentation showing that the SCSI channel can be “daisy chained” in the same way, all documentation seems to show that the controller connects to the disk enclosure, this connects to the second disk enclosure and this enclosure completes the loop by connecting to the second controller. Our Disk enclosures only have one SCSI connector.
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Re: SCSI and a small TRUcluster

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