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TRue Unix system health check

Occasional Contributor

TRue Unix system health check

A clusture of two Alpha servers installed. One of our server is currupted & we restore it. Now the customer wants to check its hardware health, but he doesnot want to restart the server for the checking ( as I want to use show command at the >>> prompt before starting the OS)
Please guide us how we can do the task without restarting the server.

Also guide about the following commands
diskx, fsx, memx, shmx, cmx

Will it work & how it wiil be....

As I am a new user to True Unix please guide briefly......

Steven Schweda
Honored Contributor

Re: TRue Unix system health check

The details depend on the model of the
system. You could start at:

For older systems, there's a link ("Retired
systems") to:

The user guides for many systems include some
information on the SRM console (">>>" prompt)

"server is currupted" doesn't tell me what
went wrong.

Knowing what went wrong before might help to
guide the testing now. For example, if an
old disk failed, I'd think about replacing
other old disks without doing any testing.
If the system was logging memory errors, I'd
think about testing the memory.
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Re: TRue Unix system health check

Actually it is basically an Operating System curruption. We restored the system from a Backup tape. The system is working fine.

But I want to check it, weather it is restore OK or not & all the installed hardwares are working fine or not.

Tell me about online testing procedure & the commands used for it.

Ivan Ferreira
Honored Contributor

Re: TRue Unix system health check

Install WEBES and run wsea to analyze the binary error log.

This utility will report any possible hardware error.

WEBES is and the most valuable tool for hardware problem detection.

Por que hacerlo dificil si es posible hacerlo facil? - Why do it the hard way, when you can do it the easy way?
Patrick Bressers
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Re: TRue Unix system health check

Hi Munawar,

Indeed as stated before install webes. After that download the latest version of sys_check :

Install it and run sys_check -all > sys_check_output.html

This will generate a html page with a lot of usefull information about the system. Depending on the system speed it can run for a long time. Best is to run it on a time when the system load is low.

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Re: TRue Unix system health check

Thanks for the support. Please note that the Alpha server is DS15.
Please tell whic binary file is copy from the server & then test it using WEBES on my laptop or it is neccessary to install it on the server.

Also give me the link of WEBES installation & configuration guide.

Munawar Hayat