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The first or the second one?


The first or the second one?

Please, could anyone explain me about how determine what is the first member or the second member in HUBless mode?

After first member bring the first, what messages it is sent to second member? If who's known, as far as certain answer.

Because I tried everything do that it will be about

rm_sw_init: begin MC initialization.
rm_boot_am_i_alone: entered
checking for existing memory channel nodes
Mounting local filesystems
exec: /sbin/mount_advfs -F 81920 root_domain#root /
root_domain#root on / type advfs (rw)
/proc on /proc type procfs (rw)
exec: /sbin/mount_advfs -F 16384 usr_domain#usr /usr
slave unit boot phase 0: checking cables
slave unit boot phase 1: request data ...
slave unit boot phase 2: get lock data from all nodes
slave unit boot phase 3: update request ...
memory channel software inited - node 0 on mc0
ccomsub: configured
usr_domain#usr on /usr type advfs (rw)
mcnet: configured

. But I always have

boot as primary memory chanel node on mc0

though its the second!
Could anybody to clear up the thing?

Thanks to all who takes part in.
Pieter 't Hart
Honored Contributor

Re: The first or the second one?

in hubless mode you must have set jumpers on the MC interface board.
so one is of the interfaces is "crossed"
this determines primary/secondary.


Re: The first or the second one?

Ok, I want to make a request the more certain: to be brought the second node (nor slave card), what should be done, either the first sends special appropriate message or it depends of jumpers only. The question is in it.

Pieter 't Hart
Honored Contributor

Re: The first or the second one?

(afaik) functionally within TRU64Cluster it makes no difference.
it has only impact on the physical level of communication between the two cards (timing etc).
Honored Contributor

Re: The first or the second one?


Address each adapter differently one must be VH0 and the other must VH1 when in Virtual Hub Mode without a physical CCMHB hub interconnet.

Make first node CCMAB jumpered for VH0 and the second jumpered as VH1 when cabled directly together with one MC cable.