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Tru64 CLuster 5.1B

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Tru64 CLuster 5.1B

Hi guys,

I have the following situation:

I have a Cluster with 2 nodes. Node 1 is down and I have the system running on the Node 2. The point is that I have to make a backup, but the tape device is on the node 1, which is down.

So my question is:

Is it possible, to take out the Tape Device from Node 1, and ut put it on the Node 2, and makes that Node 2 is able to use it, without rebooting the node 2?.

The problem is that I have a prepaid service running on it, and I can't do a reboot.

Thks in advanced
Mark Poeschl_2
Honored Contributor

Re: Tru64 CLuster 5.1B

Is this a direct-attached SCSI tape drive? If so, whether you can hot-swap a tape drive depends somewhat on the type of SCSI controller you have in your server. The newer ones tend to support hot-swap, while the older ones don't.

Is there anything else on the SCSI bus you want to connect the tape drive to? Is it differential SCSI? If the answer to both questions is 'no' it should be safe enough to try hooking up the tape drive and execute a 'hwmgr -scan scsi' command and see if the drive shows up.
Ivan Ferreira
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Re: Tru64 CLuster 5.1B

Using the right cable and the right SCSI ID Configuration, you may connect the tape to both servers simultaneously. If you disconnect from one and connect to the other, run

hwmgr scan scsi

To detect the device


hwmgr v d

To identify the device name.

I don't recommend moving and moving the tape device even if hot swap is supported, the connector could be damaged.
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Han Pilmeyer
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Re: Tru64 CLuster 5.1B

Note that only DLT drives can be used as shared tape. Cabling them as shared will only add to the complexity for this case though.

If the tape drive is in a "storage brick", then the hot swap is fairly safe. But you have to make sure that the SCSI ID is unused. Sometimes not all slots can be used, because of for instance a CDROM that's on the same bus.

A better description of the hardware would make it easier for us to assess the risk involved.
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Re: Tru64 CLuster 5.1B

Dear sabastian

There will be no problem in moving the drive. As earlier mentioned run
hwmgr -scan scsi

you can delete the old device by
hwmgr -delete scsi -did x

also if you want to change the tape device name use

dsfmgr -m tape1 tape0

No reboot is required.