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TruCluster & RA3000(Dual Control)

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Mark Ma_4
Occasional Advisor

TruCluster & RA3000(Dual Control)

anyone could help me?

NODE1:ALPHA ES40 /Ture64 V5.1B
NODE2:ALPHA ES40 /True64 V5.1B
TruCluster: V5.1
Shared Storage:RA3000(with 3 disk shelf)

first of all,i've been successful setup single node cluster with NODE1.
while after i cabling the other node named NODE2 to my single node cluster system (daisy chain),report information below:
NODE1: waiting for pka0. poll...
NODE2:waiting for pkb0. poll...

command ,which is 'show dev' ,is too slow in all of the two nodes.

P.S. pka0. in Node1 and pkb0. is my UltraSCSI Card connect to RA3000.(Node2 connect to Node1 useing 'Y' cable).i have been removed other scsi device and raid card in case of SCSI ID conflit.

in this situation ,Node1 still can see all the disks in RA3000,while Node2 can't do that.

if i seperately connect all the node to RA3000,they can recognized all the disks in RA3000.

what's the matter? would appreciate if anybody could help ASAP.thank u very much.



Re: TruCluster & RA3000(Dual Control)

You have a hardware misconfiguration somewhere.
Sounds like a termination problem or duplicate scsi IDs.

Your I/O adapters should have the physical terminators removed and you should have Y cables on both adapters. There should be an external terminator at each end of the bus.

What kind of I/O adapters are you using? kzpsa or kzpba ?

The scsi ids of each adapter should be different from one another. Your storage may also use one.

From the console of each system, do:
>>> show pk*

Look for the parameters that have "hostid" in them. Set all of them to 7 on one machine and 6 on the other.

This document (Cluster Hardware Configuration) may also help in the troubleshooting:

Hope this helps,

Christian Klein
Mark Ma_4
Occasional Advisor

Re: TruCluster & RA3000(Dual Control)

hi Christian,

thanks a lot for your help.

yes,u r right. i havn't remove my KGPSA's terminator on adapter board.

after do that ,problem has been resolved.

Thanks & Regards,