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TruCluster migration to new servers

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TruCluster migration to new servers

We have one two node cluster running version 5.1A on partitions from diferent GS320 boxes. We got 2 GS1280 to migrate the application to. I´m considering the following path:
- update TCR version to 5.1B-1 using rolling upgrade;
- remove storage access from actual servers;
- give storage access to the new servers;
- boot with genvmunix and generate new kernel.

Is there any problem with the above procedure?
Ralf Puchner
Honored Contributor

Re: TruCluster migration to new servers

yes moving from one machine to another is not supported. Machines must be 100% identically.

So easiest way is via installation disk (be sure the hardware is 100% identically configured). Use the original disk created the current cluster updating to 5.1B prior to add the members.

Or if the hardware is not identically, install 5.1B and use a backup of the application to restore the application data and settings after creating the cluster.

Please use the search function within this forum to find identical questions. Be sure you understand the meaning of "not supported"!
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Joris Denayer
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Re: TruCluster migration to new servers


Following scenario should work also and is supported AFAIK. Ralf, correct me if I'm wrong...

- Upgrade OS/TCR on current cluster to v5.1B + latest patchkit
- clu_add_member the 2 GS1280's
- check that all your applications work on the new HW-platform
- clu_delete_member the 2 GS320 partitions

All details about SAN connectivity are not mentioned here. But I suppose that this should be no problem.


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Ralf Puchner
Honored Contributor

Re: TruCluster migration to new servers

adding members is not an issue but moving existing disks to other machines is a problem.

Joris your suggestion is a practicable way but requires additional network adresses and leaving some "gaps" within the configuration.
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