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TruCluster shutdown bug

Simon Attwell
Occasional Visitor

TruCluster shutdown bug

When you schedule a shutdown of a TruCluster with the shutdown command there is a minor bug in the shutdown alerts that are broadcast to all system users.

i.e. at 10:30 you run
shutdown -c 12:00 Maintenance shutdown

which schedules a shutdown for 12:00 (approx 90 minutes in the future.)

The alerts that go to all users read as follows...

Cluster going down in 12:00
.... Maintenance shutdown

Rather that reporting Cluster going down "at" 12:00
or Cluster going down in
Ralf Puchner
Honored Contributor

Re: TruCluster shutdown bug

A fix is not in V5.1B PK2. If this is really a bug please open an call in your support center and ask for a fix.
Help() { FirstReadManual(urgently); Go_to_it;; }
John Daley
Occasional Advisor

Re: TruCluster shutdown bug

PK2 is available, so it would have to be later.

I think it's a good suggestion rather than a bug. I'll pass it along.

Blake Roberts
Frequent Advisor

Re: TruCluster shutdown bug

Checking the "shutdown" man page, it looks like this is a bug. I don't have a system available to me that I can test it on 5.1A, so I don't know if it's propogated through the line.

The other two things to try would be to put the time in "hhmm" format, without the colon, or use "+90" to warn them 90 minutes in advance.