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TruCluster upgrade from 5.1A to 5.1B

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TruCluster upgrade from 5.1A to 5.1B


We have a two node cluster (ES40s) running in TruCluster 5.1A PK3. We want to upgrade this to 5.1B PK4.

However, we dont want to use the rolling upgrade process as we fear it take a long time to complete and we cannot afford a long down time. Also, we have configured the nodes in such a way they take different loads and hence we are not using the cluster IP address for running our business.

We had the following approach planned..!

0. Start business downtime.
1. Reduce the cluster to 1 member
2. Run installupdate and upgrade the OS to ver 5.1B
3. Add the second member.

Please confirm whether the above will work.

Also, when we proceeded according to the above plan, we are getting some weird errors of "insufficient arguments" as we start the installupdate script.

We have traced it to the script /usr/lbin/hw_check which uses "sysmansh" shell and the insufficient arguments is coming from a procedure called HW_Main.

The command that generates the error is
/usr/sbin/log /var/adm/smlogs/update.log /usr/share/sysman/bin/sysmansh /usr/lbin/hw_check /updmnt

and /updmnt is the mounted CDROM directory of the OS disk1.

Any help is appreciated.
Thanks & Regards
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Re: TruCluster upgrade from 5.1A to 5.1B


Some additional information... on the error we are getting...

/usr/sbin/log /var/adm/smlogs/update.log /usr/share/sysman/bin/sysmansh /usr/lbin/hw_check /updmnt
Error: not enough arguments for all format specifiers
while executing
"format [sm_catgets HW_Introduction_Msg SHARED] $newOSrelease"
(procedure "HW_Main" line 69)
invoked from within
(file "/usr/lbin/hw_check" line 137)

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Re: TruCluster upgrade from 5.1A to 5.1B


have you been here?


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Re: TruCluster upgrade from 5.1A to 5.1B

I know 'dupatch' has been modified to support no-roll patch installation. Does anyone out there know whether installupdate and/or nhd_install have been similarly modified? I've got a two member 5.1A/PK6 cluster that I want to get to 5.1B-2 with a minimum number of reboots / downtime.

(Yes, I know that in theory the rolling upgrade procedure offers zero downtime, but restarting our single-instance application is disruptive enough that from the end-user's perspective it's all "downtime" anyway.)
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Re: TruCluster upgrade from 5.1A to 5.1B

Hello Nagarajan,

Could you finaly fix the installupdate/hw_check/sysmansh format error ? how ?

Thanks & regards.
//Add this to "OnDomLoad" event