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Trucluster node crashed - V5.1A

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Trucluster node crashed - V5.1A


We are having two node cluster running with Trucluster V5.1 with quorum disk configured. Yester day night one of the node crashed. It is gone to the console prompt. When rebooted, it booted normally and everything seems to be working fine.

We didn't find any related thing in the syslog prior to the crash. After the system boot, the syslog contains the following messages:

Sep 20 08:22:10 dwgc6 vmunix: panic (cpu 1): ics_unable_to_make_progress: input thread stalled

We cheched the crash dump files /var/adm/crash, but coun't get the clear picture about what went wrong.

Two months back only we applied the Patch Kit 6.

Please help me to find out the actual problem.

Please let me know if I need to give some more information.

Thanks & Regads,

Ivan Ferreira
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Re: Trucluster node crashed - V5.1A

Your best option is to install WEBES. CCAT (Compaq crash analysis tool) will help you to determine the root cause of the problem.

That tool helped us a lot always. It can tell you for example, that the problem was related to memory, and provide the probability of the memory module, or cpu, that causes the fail.
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Re: Trucluster node crashed - V5.1A

I am closing this thread because it is a duplicate thread. I am sorry..

Thanks for the support provided.

Martin Reemala