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Two applications listening on the same port

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Two applications listening on the same port


I run two instances of the same application in a 3 members cluster. Each application is define as a CAA resource. The application is not defined as a multi-instance application because I need to differentiate the two services.
An alias is defined for each of the resources.
Only one cluster's member join the alias.
It seems my two applications are not able to listen on the same port number. I think it should work because the resources do not use the same alias ? Can someone explain me what is wrong ?
Ivan Ferreira
Honored Contributor

Re: Two applications listening on the same port

The alias should form anyway. The application should fail to start if another process openned the port.

Port the results of the /etc/clu_alias.config of these nodes and the results of:

cluamgr -s all

Of all nodes. Also would help the services and clua_services entry for the applications.
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