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cluster node boots in single user

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cluster node boots in single user



i have 2 node cluster with tru64 5.1b 2010 patch kit. when i restart the system from the first node "shutdown -rs now"  the second node doesn't reboot, when i manually reboot it, it goes directly to single user mode, init 3 brings it up.

this is not production, below is system info.

# clu_get_info
        Cluster information for cluster clurac

    Number of members configured in this cluster = 2
    memberid for this member = 1
    Quorum disk = dsk12h
    Quorum disk votes = 1

        Information on each cluster member

    Cluster memberid = 1
    Hostname =
    Cluster interconnect IP name = tpdrac01-ics0
    Member state = UP

    Cluster memberid = 2
    Hostname =
    Cluster interconnect IP name = tpdrac02-ics0
    Member state = UP
# uname -a
OSF1 V5.1 2650 alpha

hardware: ES80

with memory channel.


clu_check_config is attached


Martin Moore

Re: cluster node boots in single user

This is usually caused by incorrect boot flags at the SRM console level.  Do either of these to check this:


1. If the system is shut down (at the console prompt), do "SHOW BOOT_OSFLAGS".


2. If the system is already booted, then (as root) do "consvar -g boot_osflags".


The proper value for a regular multi-user boot is "A".  If yours is anything else, you need to change it with one of the following methods:


1. If the system is at the console prompt, do "SET BOOT_OSFLAGS A".


2. If the system is already booted, do "consvar -s boot_osflags A" followed by "consvar -a".


If the value was already A, then the problem is something else.  One possibility is an incorrect default starting run level in /etc/inittab.  Check for the following line (it's usually the first non-comment line):




If you don't have this line in /etc/inittab or the second field isn't 3, fix this and try booting.



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