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error in update : files conflict

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error in update : files conflict

I have an ES40 computer with Dec UNIX 4.0f and 4 cpu .
I have also installed an HSZ22 SWCC for Digital UNIX ( RAID agent)

I want to update my computer to Tru 64 5.1
During the upgrade process I receive the following error message in the file conflict step:

./dev and ./etc/ppp should be directories
Indeeed , in my computer ./dev and ./etc/ppp are soft links
( ./dev --> cluster/members/member0/dev
./etc/ppp --> ../cluster/members/{memb}/etc/ppp )

I don't know what software package changes the original situation and how I can remediate this problem .
Perhaps it's the SWCC agent and I must unload it before the update installation and load it after .
If that is the problem where can I find the software to download ( + documentation to install it ) and what version matches the Tru64 V5.1

Thank you for your help

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Re: error in update : files conflict


to revers a context dependant symbolic link you replace the link with the file/dir it points to and run mkcdsl -i linkname to clear the inventory.

cd /dirofdevlink
mv cluster/members/member0/dev .
mkcdsl -i dev


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Re: error in update : files conflict


The starting point OS V4.0F does not have any CDSL's and indeed in V4.0F /dev and /etc/ppp must be a plain directory, so it's very strange that you have already CDSL on your system before even having started the upgrade. It's as if the upgrade was already done.

When you say SWCC do you mean the subset RTHR220 or SWCC520 ? Anyway these kits do not modify /dev/ or /etc/ppp.

I fear the best way back is to vrestore root_domain#root in /.


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Re: error in update : files conflict


I was wondering too, but I guessed, that Adi was somewhere in the 5.X region as it happened.

//Add this to "OnDomLoad" event