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lat problem in trucluster

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lat problem in trucluster

Dear friends :

I have two node es40 with storage hsz70 running as trucluster 5.1A :
my problem is when I try to configure lat printer
ask me to put device name like /dev/lat/32 ,
the problem is device name not same in two nodes and /etc/inittab it's diffirent also .

and can I make cdsl for /etc/inittab and who can I solve this problem

thanks in advance
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Re: lat problem in trucluster

If you used latsetup to create SRV4 devices, both members should have /dev/lat/6xx special files, lets say you told latsetup to create 20 devices, so you will have /dev/lat/620 till 639.
Hopefully you did not tell latsetup to put 20 devices in /etc/inittab, because then they are all 20 reserved by a getty, p.ex:

lat620:34:respawn:/usr/sbin/getty /dev/lat/620 console vt100
lat621:34:respawn:/usr/sbin/getty /dev/lat/621 console vt100
lat622:34:respawn:/usr/sbin/getty /dev/lat/622 console vt100
lat623:34:respawn:/usr/sbin/getty /dev/lat/623 console vt100

These CANNOT be used for printing.

For printing you need to tell the system on what LAT terminal server and port on this server the printer is connected. You do this as follows:

Create the file /etc/latstartup.conf, in that file put lines like this:

/usr/sbin/latcp -A -p639 -H -R

After that use lprsetup (or sysman) to create an entry in /etc/printcap that uses device /dev/lat/639.

NOTE: /etc/inittab MUST be a CDSL, if it is not, someone clobbered the link by using the mv command on inittab. If the CDSL is gone you need to recreate is as follows:

cd /etc
ln -s ../cluster/members/{memb}/etc/inittab
(verify that the target file exists)

Do not use mkcdsl, because inittab is already in the cdsl-inventory.

___ Johan./


Re: lat problem in trucluster

sir ;
thanks you but there is problem that when I creat lat device via latsetup , it's created lat device only in current member you excute latsetup on it ,

should I execute latsetup in other node


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Re: lat problem in trucluster


Yes, you need to run latsetup on the other member too. The /dev directory is member-specific, ie: /dev --> /cluster/members/{memb}/dev.

Kind rgds,

___ Johan./


Re: lat problem in trucluster

Thanks sir ;
it's work

Re: lat problem in trucluster

thank john for your help
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