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lsof for Tru64 cluster

Pat Shea_1

lsof for Tru64 cluster

I used to use lsof on a stand alone server. My Unix admins tell me that it's not available/usable now that we're using cluster software and CFS. Is there an alternative? I used it for a number of reasons but right now I'm trying to check which processes are using particular ports.
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Hein van den Heuvel
Honored Contributor

Re: lsof for Tru64 cluster

Just try it? I expect it to work.

What verion of lsof?
4.52 or better as suggested by:

The lsof faq suggests potential problems:
7.6 Why doesn't lsof report link count, node number, and size for some Tru64 5.x CFS files?

Lsof reports link count, node number, and size for open CFS files as recorded in their kernel node structure's cached attributes. Sometimes not all attributes are cached on the system where lsof runs, so lsof cannot report them.