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oracle 9ir2 error on tru64 cluster with EVA4100

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oracle 9ir2 error on tru64 cluster with EVA4100

we successfully implement Tru64 5.1B-3 Cluster with EVA4100 storage, as discussed in the following topic :

after implementing the cluster when we logon on the system ,the CDE tries to open the file Browser , it returns and error window cannot read from /...
we ignore this error and start in oracle 9ir2 ( setup..the Oracle OUI started successfully , then the setup progress hangs at 99% for about 5 of 6 hours, and then completed successfully...after that we tried to create DB , it is very very slow, also we knows that gds didn't start successfully...

we use java 1.3.1,which is installed with the system...

i made the oracle setup many times successfully,but every time i cannot create DB...

can you please help me to solve this problem..?

do you think the error CDE Cannot read / , have an effect on oracle?