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oracle not start in cluster member

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oracle not start in cluster member

Hi, I have problems running oracle on a specific cluster node. My configuration is:
cluster with 2 servers (ds25 and es40) and storage on msa1000. The cluster was build on ds25 and is working; the os is tru64 5.1b and the application is oracle db server. After having successfully added the es40 (members ok, disks ok) I am failing to relocate a service. The problem arise at starting oracle on es40 member (ora 3113) as I can show:
oracle8:/oracle8>export ORACLE_SID=DANI
oracle8:/oracle8>sqlplus /nolog

SQL*Plus: Release - Production on Fri Nov 12 10:54:35 2004

(c) Copyright 2000 Oracle Corporation. All rights reserved.

SQL> connect / as sysdba
ORA-03113: end-of-file on communication channel

metalink is pointing to problems about libraries and I looked at the files given by the command 'ldd oracle' noting any differences between the 2 servers (the command 'sizer -implver' give me EV6 on both servers).
Any hint?
Thank you
Michael Schulte zur Sur
Honored Contributor

Re: oracle not start in cluster member


I wouldn't have thought that you could mix a cluster with different sytems.
Ok, did you install oracle on that machine?
Are there any errors in alertlog, messages?
Can you do a tnsping?


Hein van den Heuvel
Honored Contributor

Re: oracle not start in cluster member

Michael wrote "I wouldn't have thought that you could mix a cluster with different sytems."
Of course you can! Perfectly valid, but of course there are processing power implication.

Daniele, like Michael implies, how much work did you do on the ES40 to install or prepare for Oracle. Specifically, did you make sure the sysconfigtab setting in the proc, ipc, and vm space are adequat for Oracle?

How abour protection and ownerships?
The 'ORA-03113' is VERY generic. It generally means that the forked process running the actual oracle image has dis.
Please SEARCH this forum,, or Oracle for one of many sample causes. I guess there was no 'alert.log' entry nor .trc file made for this?

If you 'play oracle', does it work? Oracle would look for $ORACLE_HOME/dbs/init$ORACLE_SID.ora to find its control files.
It the init file properly there? The control files?
It would activate $ORACLE_HOME/bin/oracle
Is it there? Owner/protection?

How about trace -f sqlplus to 'see' the system calls?

good luck,

Re: oracle not start in cluster member

The problem was in kernel parameters (/etc/sysconfigtab); after realigned on es40 it works fine. I believed that was an automatic due of cluster add member command.
Thank you
Dmitry Timoshenko
Frequent Advisor

Re: oracle not start in cluster member


I have same issue with ES45 after installation of PK4 and PK5. Could you, please, specify, what exactly was changed in sysconfigtab to solve this problem?


Re: oracle not start in cluster member

Involved parameters are:



as suggested from oracle docs.