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suspected Cluster disk on HSG80


suspected Cluster disk on HSG80

Dear All,

HAve a 2 node cluster booting out of a HSG80
storage ACS8.70P.

The cluster recently crashed , on analysis
the wsea o/p shows following o/p which
was first recorded in the binary.errlog
5 days back and then probably did'nt recur.

SCSI Disk Physical ID : HSG80: Serial #: XXXXXXXXXX Port: x00 Target: x01 LUN: x33 SCSI Inquiry String: DEC HSG80 V87P Evidence: Last Time Stamp: Fri 16 Jul 2004 17:31:34 GMT+03:00 Storage Analysis Rule Rev: V2.21 Unique ID: Prefix: 13890 Count: 20110 Sense_Key: x0000000000000002 ASC: x0000000000000004

Now is this message point ing to unit id 133?
i.e. D133 ?

Now the unit D133 , is a stripe set , made up of 3 mirror sets of 2 disks each .
How do i find out which disk out of these six
is the culprit

sincere regards

Johan Brusche
Honored Contributor

Re: suspected Cluster disk on HSG80


HEX x33 = 51 decimal

Now do a "hwmgr show scsi" and find the HSG80's "scp" port number, and then connect to the HSG80 with:

/usr/lbin/hsxterm5 -f /dev/cport/scp2

You can now issue al sorts of commands towards the HSG like:

>show disk
>show failed
>run fmu
FMU> show last_failure most_recent

The value x33 is'nt something that I'd expect in the P/T/L combination of an HSG80, but rather in the B/T/L bus/target/lun.