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upgrade memory

Regular Advisor

upgrade memory

i want to upgrade my Alpha Server DS20E.
See below the actual configuration:
- Tru64 UNIX V5.1B (Rev. 2650)
- Oracle 8.i installed
- memory 1Gb RAM

I want to upgrade the memory to 4Gb.

Can anyone please tell me the procedure to do this ? or
Can anyone tell me the steps to configure the swap?
Where can i configure the cluster file?

NB: it's a cluster

Honored Contributor

Re: upgrade memory

If you are just adding h/w memory which I believe is your question then:
1:shutdown the system in your normal way.
2: Remove all power from the box
3: Install the memory (DIMMs MUST be installed in banks of 4, and each bank of 4 must all be the same size/type/capacity)
Ensure that if you are putting in larger capacity DIMMs -than the original - that the largest bank is in Bank0, then the next largest in Bank1 and so on. You should find a basic memory config guide on the lid when you remove it to help you with the config.
4: Power the box back on and make sure it comes up OK to the ">>>" prompt.
5: Type ">>>show mem" so that you see all the memory that you have.
6: boot the system
That's it - no need to do anything else.
if you have nothing useful to say, say nothing...
Pieter 't Hart
Honored Contributor

Re: upgrade memory

i don't agree with Marks last remark
"That's it - no need to do anything else."

- allthough you don't really want a databaseserver to "swap" you better enlarge your swapspace for the OS.
prepare some partition on free diskspace
total swapspace must be more than physical memory.
modify the /etc/sysconfigtab
in the "vm:" section you can add extra lines for additional swap partitions
use "swapon -a" to activate.
("swapon -s" to check current utilization)

- you may need to tune /etc/sysconfigtab for the oracle database to yuse the extra memory. See oracle doc's for this, it oculd be there is an oracle config program to do this for both sysconfigtab and the database.

>>> Where can i configure the cluster file? <<<
For the OS there is no clusterfile to configure. Both steps mentioned above must be done on each cluster node separately.

Steven Schweda
Honored Contributor

Re: upgrade memory

> total swapspace must be more than physical
> memory.

Is that true for Tru64? I looked, but
couldn't find anything in the manuals which
said that. I remember it being true for some
other UNIX (-like) OS, probably SunOS 4.x,
but I don't think that it's true now, with
SunOS 5.x. It seems not to be true for
HP-UX, either:

Is it true anywhere now?
Pieter 't Hart
Honored Contributor

Re: upgrade memory

Hi Steven,
The system won't complain about it untill all available swapspace is used.
With a database-process that possibly is configured to use most of available physical memory, It may allso use most of the swapspace.
Then the OS will start complaining.

Allthough my experience is not with Oracle but with Sybase, I think it's advicable to make it at least as large + a bit as physical memory. So to leave room for some extra processes to start.

I'm aware of the system parameter "vm-swap-eager" wich in our environment was set to "1".
section :
We recommend that the Oracle 8.1.7.x/9i database server environment have enough memory available to set vm_swap_eager to 1. However, if the workload is well understood and the system has been configured with enough memory to prevent it from swapping, you can set vm_swap_eager to 0. For eager swap allocation mode, the default value is 1.