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vmunix:chk_blk_quota:user quota underflow for user

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vmunix:chk_blk_quota:user quota underflow for user

Hi, we encountered the problem of sudden increase in disk usage and followed the procedure according to the suggested solution to no avail. would appreciate advice and explanation on the procedural steps stated as per url :

The affected disk is on a cluster network and upon running the quotacheck, we could not find any abnormalities as the cluster network was not detected. Is the cluster network not detected when on single-user mode ?
Thank you.

Han Pilmeyer
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Re: vmunix:chk_blk_quota:user quota underflow for user

Note that the advice given in that thread was not completely correct. The userquota and groupquota mount option should be specified for every AdvFS file system. They should NOT be removed. Note that just adding these options to the mounts does not enforce quotas.

Even in single user mode, the file systems are cluster aware.

Note that a sudden "invisible" increase in disk space usage can sometimes be explained by a process that still has a large file open, but the file is already deleted from the file system. That space won't be return to the file system until the last process that has the file open, closes it. Did you reboot the cluster and then run the quota check procedure?

You didn't mention the version and patch kit of your system.