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xdr_array: bad size FAILED (Tru64 )


xdr_array: bad size FAILED (Tru64 )

Hello All,

I am now receiving following messages on syslog since 4 days. Are these errors warning or some problem with disk array.
Mar 16 17:05:43 member1 vmunix: xdr_array: bad size FAILED
Mar 16 17:07:48 member1 vmunix: xdr_array: bad size FAILED
Mar 16 17:10:54 member1 vmunix: xdr_array: bad size FAILED

Cluster details are :
OS : Compaq Tru64 UNIX V5.1A.

Have anybody faces these messages?

Thanks & Regards,
Hein van den Heuvel
Honored Contributor

Re: xdr_array: bad size FAILED (Tru64 )

When is this happening? (what is being done at that time)
What changed before it started happening?
Is the user (root?) in more than 16 groups, and has that recently changed?

This could be an RPC (NFS?) problem possibly with a non-TRU64 (SUN?) client.
It is about credential structures (uid, gid, groups) being not big enough or improperly managed.

Back in 2000 there were reports on this, and changes made.
You may want to check the exact patch level / build for your kernel.