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Change LHS Array CI Type during SNMP discovery

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Change LHS Array CI Type during SNMP discovery


I disocver LHS storage arrays with SNMP only, I do not and cannot gte shell access.

SNMP sysObjectID is . which is "Unix". Of course this isn't so wrong as I am hitting the embedded unix based management interface. But having them modelled as unix CIs is a problem and I want them to be CI Type Storage Array.

I did try this with an enrichment, but it causes problems with history and reconciliation, and is not an elegant solution.

Is there a way I can have a normalisation rule or scan rule to say if the sysObjectIS is . AND the Name ~%lhsn% then  the resulting CI Type is array ? i.e. not change the CI type later, but during discovery ?

//Add this to "OnDomLoad" event