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Check credentials of a protocol via API

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Check credentials of a protocol via API

Is there a way to perform the "Check Credintials" function in the GUI under the Data Flow Probe Module for a protocol programmatically via APIs?


Say for example, I want to be able to test a specific username under a domain in NTCMD protocol has access to a given IP. 


If this is possible via APIs or web service calls, please let me know which ones to use.



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Re: Check credentials of a protocol via API

Guys, is this really a bizarre request? Is this not doable or is this something that the community thinks its unnecessary?


I can explain my use case. We have a considerably large number of servers and keeping track of what we have access to and what we don't is sort of difficult. Normally, we have the CMDB user account as part of a group that belongs to domain admin group, but sometimes due to some reason this account is removed from that group and we lose our ablity to pull information about the server. 


I'd like to just write a simple program that can take in a list of servers (IPs) as input and run the check credentials on the IP to establish if I still indeed have access to the servers. 



//Add this to "OnDomLoad" event