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Create new CI - uCMDB

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Create new CI - uCMDB

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Hello Experts,

I am new to uCMDB and facing an issue for creating a new CI.
I want to create manually some CIs of CIT-Software Elements, but when I got to IT Universe Manager and click New CI, I get the window in which the SOftware Element is greyed out
So I am unable to proceed for the new creation.even I selected all CI Types.
CAn anyone please help me out its urgent.




P.S. This thread has been moved from Application Perf Mgmt (BAC / BSM) Support and News Forum to CMS and Discovery Support and News Forum. -HP Forum Moderator

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Re: Create new CI - uCMDB


Look at the CI properties! in qualifiers, shouldn´t be marked Abstract Class.

I believe software elements need a root container (another CI which contains this CI) in that case, you need to create container CI and associate yours one!

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Re: Create new CI - uCMDB

Hey Thanks.
I was able to create CI.The problem was i was not using the proper container in which the respective CI shouuld be created.

Closing the thread.
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Re: Create new CI - uCMDB

I was not using the proper CIT while creating the new CI.After I chose proper CIT I was able to create the new CI.Hence closing the thread.
//Add this to "OnDomLoad" event