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Discovering cameras in uCMDB 10.22

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Discovering cameras in uCMDB 10.22

Hello Experts,

One of our customer is having 12,000 SNMP IP Based cameras, these cameras are hosted on a total of 200 Windows servers. My customer has asked me to populate/discover these 12,000 cameras in uCMDB 10.22. Our uCMDB 10.22 is on windows with remote MS SQL Server 2012 and 1 uCMDB Probe on remote windows.

I would like to understand the best mechanism to discover these cameras in uCMDB.. I have few ideas, but not sure if these are feasible or which one of it is best approach,

1. Discover all 12,000 SNMP IP based cameras in uCMDB. If I take this approach, how much time will it take to populate these cameras in uCMDB ?

2. Discover 200 Windows server in uCMDB. If go ahead with this approach, will uCMDB going to discover all 12,000 camears those hosted on 200 windows servers.


What's the best approach, please advise.



HP Rocks

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Re: Discovering cameras in uCMDB 10.22


Can someone please shed a light on this, please....any help is much much appreciated :)



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Re: Discovering cameras in uCMDB 10.22

Do you have a community string for the cameras? Have you attempted to do snmp discovery with the cameras and what were the results?
I would first do an SNMP walk or MIB walk with the community string to check what information are on those MIBs then see if an out of the box discovery job or if an OOTB job can be modified to discover them or create your own job.

Good luck

Rey Lejano

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