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Discovery of servers by HP UCMDB Server

Occasional Contributor

Discovery of servers by HP UCMDB Server

 Hi All , 


I m trying to discovery some servers , probe status is connected , but there is not any discovey result ,


Probe log file , probe -error [ERROR] , Probe task result sender , (discoveryclient.java:674) Error occur trying to send the task results to server java.io.ioexception: pipe closed ] , failed connecting to server ,


failed retrieving setting value of default.domain 


on HP UCMDB SERVER log mam.autodiscovery 


probe is not updated with new server data Data_Flow_Probe_DCAVRF returning resource downloading task 


applet-errors  [AWT-EventQueue-2] java.io.FileNotFoundException : c:\users\ucmdbadmin\application data\sun\java\deployement\deployement.properties(the System cannot find specified path)





//Add this to "OnDomLoad" event