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Duplicate Hosts in UCMDB - how to eliminate

Duplicate Hosts in UCMDB - how to eliminate

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Using just UCMDB & DDMA version 8.02 (no BAC), and replicating to Service Manager 7.11

In the course of running discovery using DDMA, duplicate hosts with the same host name are loaded into the UCMDB. This is because most of our servers run with multiple MAC addresses (the MAC address is used as a key in the HostKey attribute), and discovery seems to find different MAC addresses for the same host name at different times.

How can I:
1) eliminate the discovery of the same host name with different MAC addresses (besides eliminating the multiple mac addresses on the server),
2) once duplicates are in the UCMDB, is there an automated way to merge the information into one host record,
3)build an enrichment rule to help to decide which host duplicate is more accurate.

Replication fails on hosts to Service Manager if there is more than one host record for a server.



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Re: Duplicate Hosts in UCMDB - how to eliminate

I am facing same problem while working with uCMDB. Please suggest the way to eliminate duplicate records.
//Add this to "OnDomLoad" event