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Enrichment rule -Windows desktop removal

Regular Advisor

Enrichment rule -Windows desktop removal

Hi Experts,


I have created an ER for removal of all desktops for windows (7, XP, etc). However, I would like to remove all its related CI's also.


Can someone help me out with the TQL I need to create for this? I tried couple of things but it didnt work. Removal of related CI's means (CPU, IP, memory, etc).


Windows->ipaddress I have created, with 


Action: Update
Set Attributes:
       Application IP = remove


Thank you.




HPE Expert

Re: Enrichment rule -Windows desktop removal

Dear Methew,

You shouldn't care for any resources connected with Containment link. All those resources will be removed automatically.

I see no reason to delete IP addresses as well, since in most cases, those CIs created by "Ping" jobs and could be reused.

In case, you are planing to remove those computers from  dicovery, it worth removing the IP from Probe ranges.



To remove the IP address along with Host, you need to use Delete operation, not an update.


Hope this helps.

-Dmitry Gomel, PMP
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Regular Advisor

Re: Enrichment rule -Windows desktop removal

Hi Dima,


Thank you for the information.




//Add this to "OnDomLoad" event